Adelaide Pilates by Body Mind Wellness Physiocare (bmwphysio.com.au). At bmwphysio.com.au, our physiotherapists provide instruction and education in Pilates for rehabilitation from injury and for general fitness.  Our physiotherapists are trained and certified with Polestar Pilates Institute (www.polestarpilates.com.au) and APPI (www.ausphysio.com) which are internationally recognized training organizations.

Pilates is system of exercises designed to promote strong core and postural muscle strength which is especially useful in the rehabilitation and prevention of injuries, and in improving general fitness and athletic performance. All Pilates exercises are low impact, focusing on controlled and precise movements, rather than high repetitions and are performed on a mat or using Pilates equipment.

The Pilates method is a system of exercises that was originally developed by Joseph Pilates in the 1920’s and has evolved into a more refined and specific regime focused on deep core muscle recruitment and postural alignment. People often spell Pilates incorrectly such as pilatus, pilaties, pilate, pilatis, palates and pillates.

Why learn Pilates from our physiotherapists?

  • Our physiotherapists are trained and certified with Polestar Pilates Institute which is an internationally recognized training organization.
  • Our physiotherapists have extensive knowledge, understanding and awareness of the normal function and movement of the human body and the effects of injury and trauma to the body.
  • Pilates classes and consultations are claimable through your health fund with our physiotherapists
  • Our Physiotherapists will prescribe the appropriate Pilates exercises specific to the goals and needs of each client.
  • Close supervision by trained Pilates Physiotherapist is necessary to execute the exercises correctly and effectively, preventing injury during exercising.
  • The Many leading back specialists endorse The Pilates method as the therapy of choice to prevent surgery, assist in rehabilitation post-surgery and to manage musculoskeletal conditions, pain and disability.