What are the benefits of doing Pilates?

Pilates uses a system of exercises that provides the following benefits to the body:
Strengthens core postural muscle strength, including the abdominals, back and buttocks, which is especially useful in the rehabilitation and prevention of injuries.

  • Improves & Maintains Posture
  • Improves & Maintains Balance & Coordination
  • Improves & Maintains Flexibility of joints and muscles
  • Improves & Maintains Pelvic Floor Control
  • Develops General Muscle Tone and a Balanced Body without building muscle bulk.
  • Pilates workouts can also assist in weight loss and cardiovascular/aerobics conditioning depending on the exercises prescribed.
  • Regular practice of Pilates also develops concentration, focus and the body-mind connection enabling benefits to be attained similar to those of meditation.
How often do the exercises need to be performed?

When rehabilitating from an injury three times a week is ideal to get the best results and ‘kickstart’ your rehabilitation program. However clients have even reported “feeling stronger, more mobile and in less pain” from performing Pilates once per week. For the maintenance of core and postural muscle strength, practicing Pilates twice per week would be ideal.

Can I lose weight from performing Pilates?

Pilates is excellent for toning and shaping muscles, changing the shape of your body from a postural perspective as well as improving your flexibility. However for fat or weight loss cardiovascular exercise is required along with Pilates.

Is it safe to start a Pilates or do I need medical clearance?

You will have to have an Initial Consultation with our Physiotherapists before commencing a program with us to assess your medical condition and perform a musculoskeletal assessment including a postural and biomechanical analysis of your body. From the initial consultation we will also determine your goals and address these in the program design

I have heard of different styles of Pilates. Which style is used at bmwphysio.com.au?

There are a number of schools of Pilates including Windsor Pilates or Stott Pilates which all have their different style, different focus and sometimes different names to the exercises. Our Pilates Instructors are also Physiotherapists who are trained by other Pilates-trained Physiotherapists through Polestar Pilates and the Australian Physiotherapy & Pilates Institute (APPI). These styles of Pilates are based on the original Pilates repertoire with a focus on deep core muscle recruitment and rehabilitation of the musculoskeletal system.